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Thread: Yamaha TRBX174

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    Yamaha TRBX174

    Yamaha Trbx174 in very good condition, pickups upgraded to Dimarzio DP126 PJ set.

    Selling at $375

    -Bag included, free when I bought the bass
    -No trades, no scratches, no dings
    -Self-collect only at AMK area
    -Pots upgraded with push-pull switch to split the coils of the P pickups
    -Pictures shows Nordstrand pickups which were removed and changed to Dimarzio DP126
    -Jack upgraded to Switchcraft
    -I'll include the Wilkinson Bridge which is also an upgrade, but not yet installed
    -I'll also include the stock pickups which I kept somewhere in my storage box
    -SMS for more photos
    -If you wonder about the price, it's because I included a small amount of all the upgrades

    For more info about the bass, please check the link below

    Yamaha TRBX174

    SMS me at 966494zero4

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    Re: Yamaha TRBX174

    Here are some bass sounds I have recorded:

    Sweet Love
    Sir Duke

    and some Chevelle songs

    Vitamin R
    The Clincher
    The Fad
    Family System
    Well Enough Alone

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    Re: Yamaha TRBX174

    Price breakdown for different pickups:
    -Bass with stock pickups = $220
    -Bass with DP126 pickups = $370

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    Re: Yamaha TRBX174




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