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    Whitecompazz Productions 007

    hi folks,

    we are back with a humble production...

    though we cannot compare ourselves with Internationally trained Divas, neither are we a school to groom 'model singers with certs' , we are here together because we love singing in a band...(Wedding Band to be exact)

    like to present to you our 7th production titled <<最长的电影>> [The Longest Movie], our cover of Jay Chou's classic.

    a little muffled u might be thinking...

    well... rusty movie, rusty live set-up ... we did our best with phone mic live recording...
    sometimes it is not the professionalism we are aiming... it is the friendship we cherish

    we hope u like our live-band (with touch-up) performance in a down-town studio... life is like a movie, there are divas and there are smurfs like us...

    enjoy the song!


    Post-production by SkyStudios @apr2017

    p/s: if you like to engage our service in any gigs or weddings, please feel free to contact us. our live effects are definitely more interesting than what a phone-mic can capture... ; )
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