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    Whitecompazz Productions 006

    hi folks!

    thank you for all the emails to join us in our wedding band set-up...

    we are glad to introduce our new guitarist Joey in our latest Jam in town few days ago...

    presenting to you our "Bossa Nova" version of a famous mandopop <你还要我怎样> by薛之谦

    Whitecompazz has come a long way on recruitment since January 2017... it has been a rewarding three months and now, our band is complete with the following set-up

    Vox: Alexa
    Guitar: Joey
    Drums: John
    Keys: Sky

    We hope you like our showcase 006, and we will continue to provide you with good covers of the TOP40s of mandopop plus some sentimentals and maybe originals in the near future.

    Meanshile, if you wish to engage our services for any gigs or weddings, you may contact us at


    p/s: recruitment for the wedding band is closed and we will kiv any applications for other projects, depend on your talents and suitability.

    Enjoy the song ! ^ ^
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