As a semi full-time musician with experience in guitars, keyboards, music making and arrangement, it has been my personal passion to share my knowledge and experience I gained throughout my life as a musician.

I have performed in many gigs, concerts, clubs, competitions, charity gigs in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I am a lead guitarist for my band, as well as music arranger for the band as well as for a music production company.

I am thus offering customised and fixed course catered to student based on the ability of each student.

Course Levels:
1) Beginner/Basic
2) Intermediate
3) Advanced
4) Module (for Advanced students)

The courses incorporate 70% practical, 30% theory. I am not going to focus on score reading. The guitar is special as you do not need to be an expert score reader as there are tablature sheets available. Tablature sheets are available everywhere today and you want to start playing not learn the extras endlessly. My motto is Start Playing!

Course Session: 1 hour per session

Days/Time: Mon to Fri (2pm to 6pm), Sat (9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm), no lessons on Sun/PH

Course Fee: $45/hr (Beginner). PM for Intermediate, Advanced and Modular sessions.

Age Focus: 7yrs old and older

Course Materials: Printed customised notes, charts free

Genre: Pop and Rock music

Grading: No grading but can recommend for grading exams

Recommended Sessions: Once a week. Twice a week can be arranged but recommended 3 days gap, e.g., Mon and Thu, Tue and Fri, Wed and Sat.

Remember, to be able to play efficiently, you need to have solid interest, practice consistency and most importantly PATIENCE.

There are currently ongoing lessons at all stages, thus I am finding for new students to fill up the empty slots for all stages.

Let's stop thinking and contemplating, make a decision, start learning and start playing!

SMS/Whatsapp: 94346426