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    Whitecompazz Productions 004

    Hi folks,

    you have heard our

    001 小幸運
    002 最重要的决定
    003 新不了情

    Now we would like to present to you

    004 听海

    The Guitar is added during post-production by SkyStudios.

    We are currently looking for a rhythm guitarist as 'depicted' in our 听海 postproduction.

    The wedding band would be complete if you (guitarist) write to us at


    we want someone who is familiar with mandopop...

    p/s: aspiring female vocalists can still write in. we have other vocal projects. if you are foreigner, you must currently be stationed in singapore for recruitment consideration.

    meanwhile, enjoy 听海 by our lovely Alexa . :'( 听...海哭的声音.....
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