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Thread: HEAD (50 watts mini)

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    HEAD (50 watts mini)

    I nead amp head.
    What would you say I should buy?
    I have the CAB already I need something versatile
    and also volatile. I'm a big VOX fan
    but I don't like their recent output.
    I'm looking at someone who may be want to part
    with an olde, cheap, 50Watt head (8 or 16 ohms)
    Thanks, you!

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    Re: HEAD (50 watts mini)

    Carousell is your friend. I saw a few on their just a while ago. There's a Peavey 6505 for $690, for example.

    One thing you should think about: do you really need a 50-watt head? 50-watts is so loud if you consider that in most jampads and jam situations, people barely turn up the amps.

    Even 5 watts is real loud, you probably won't need it for gigs, just home practice, so I would recommend getting something like a Blackstar HT-5 or even an HT-1.

    Another thing you can consider is an Orange Micro Terror or Dark Terror, those are around $200 or so.

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