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Thread: Repairing spoilt ebow

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    Repairing spoilt ebow

    Does anybody know how to open up an ebow to repair it?

    Mine was exposed to water and smoke due a fire. I merely opened the battery compartment to dry it out for a few days. But upon testing, i found out that only the Harmonic mode (which i don't use) can work. The Normal mode does not work at all. =(

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    woah, hardcore, fire and water!

    seem like it wont be easy to repair. The casing seem to be glued to the circuit board inside(impression i gotten from seeing 2 different pic online where the dude dismantle theirs)

    Oh, imho, it might be easier to get another one then to repair it. Seem like it aint easy to even build one from scratch(from what i read in diy forum). The 2 coils in there seem to be the key thing. Hopefully some of the more techie bros in the forum can chip in..

    Anyway, heres some link to the innard and working of the bow, might not help much in solving the problem, but theres some info and its patent document, if die die you wanna someone to look at it, it might come in handy. Scroll down...

    additional, this diagram contribute by a japanese guy in another diy forum, who also open up his ebow and trace the thing(notice the jagged edges and cuts, thats where i kinda think the board aint going to be easy in removal..)

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    adoi! it does seem hard to repair. thanks for the imformative response but sadly i've no idea what the diagrams mean! the coils look like turkey bacon in the pic though. hur hur.. guess i'll have to make do with one mode for now unless i see one in classifieds. hehe. and oh, the built-in ebow project is very enticing.

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