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Thread: Understanding Guitarists Pick Usage

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    Understanding Guitarists Pick Usage

    Hey everyone,

    I have an idea regarding the creation of a pick which
    would enable guitar players to transition from picking
    to plucking seamlessly.

    However, I would like to understand the usage and issues
    currently faced by other guitarists to see if I can come up
    with feasible ideas to solve them.

    There is a survey link at the end of this post that you can
    take part in and all answers/feedback are greatly appreciated

    Thank You!

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    Re: Understanding Guitarists Pick Usage

    There are currently pick retaining implements out there but another one to the fold would be awesome ����

    My current concern with picks these days are 1) Material 2) Thickness 3) Pointedness

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    Re: Understanding Guitarists Pick Usage

    been using jazz IIIs carbon grips,
    I changed my pick style from a Steve morse, to a paul gilbert grip. still can play like either tho

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