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Thread: WTS: MATON EBG808CL PERFORMER (Acoustic Guitar)

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    WTS: MATON EBG808CL PERFORMER (Acoustic Guitar)


    Bought brand new in June 2010 at Guitar77. Selling it at $1600 now.
    Used it for about 5 years + until I got a Gibson.

    Comes with the original MATON hard case but with stickers over them.

    Contact Me: 97731527 (Daniel)

    You can check out the sound of the guitar:

    AboutEBG808CL Performer Series

    Maton EBG808CL Performer Series Bunya and Queensland Maple with Cutaway
    The Performer series carries the original 808 shape with a slightly thinner body and soft cutaway. It carries the original 808 shape with a slightly thinner body and soft cutaway. Its Bunya soundboard provides the volume and punch to more than compensate for a small body. Comfort and playability are the keys to this purpose built series. This Maton EBG could be just what you've been missing.

    The Bunya Feast was a regular gathering of indigenous people from around the Bunya Mountains in Southern Queensland. They would gather to feast on the ripe nuts from the Bunya tree and to sing, dance and celebrate. The Bunya tree also yields an outstanding soundboard timber - probably the best Australia has to offer.

    Maton pioneered the use of this tonewood in the mid 1990's and have made some of our finest guitars from Bunya. Bunya has an earthy, wild, evocative tone, a change from the conventional - but with the volume, tone and beauty to stand up in its own right. Bunya is also a sustainable guitar making soundboard, reaching maturity in 80 years. Compare that to the 300 plus years it takes to grow Spruce.
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