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Thread: Korg DS-DAC100 Channel Portable Audio Playback System

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    Korg DS-DAC100 Channel Portable Audio Playback System

    AudioGate3 & the DS-DAC interfaces are the simplest, most comprehensive HD playback system available.
    Real-time DSD conversion delivers optimum sound.
    Audio Gate 3 features a completely refreshed user interface for greatly improved usability, Audio Gate 3 supports playback for a comprehensive range of audio formats.

    Native DSD playback of 2.8224 MHz or 5.6448 MHz DSD files

    Using DSD (Direct Stream Digital)as the recording format for the highly acclaimed MR series of studio and field recorders.

    Question: Can it be connected directly to an amplifier and use as a preamp?

    Answer: Yes, you can directly connect this device from your computer to a power amp. The volume control (just like track control, play lists, etc.) only works through Korg's AudioGate software however (the front panel knob is for the headphone output only). In FLAC as well as in DSD formats, the DAC provides extraordinary sonic performance with AudioGate and the adhoc driver (compared with VLAN for instance). Furthermore, for me, AudioGate provides improved user friendliness over JRiver.

    I bought one for myself (XLR version) and one as a gift (portable version), both had zero technical problems after months of usage.
    I would really recommend this product as great value for money as coupled with an SSD laptop, it outperforms standalone & much more expensive DACs like Naim, Linn (both Majik and Akurate), Meridian Director, etc

    Purchase from CityMusic in 2014.

    Full box set with stock cables. top condition. Warranty over.


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