Hi everyone, my name is Daryl and I'm a 21 y/o Pop Songwriter and Guitarist.
I am looking for a band to perform with me for the following event (competition) that I will be participating in:

Purpose- Perform a Mandopop original song as a full band
Date & Time- Feb 11th, 6pm onwards
Location- National University of Singapore

Here's the band setup I require:

1x Keyboardist
1x Drummer
1x Electric Guitarist
1x Bass Guitarist
1x Acoustic Guitarist (me)
1x Main Vocalist (found)
2x Backup Vocalists (preferably instrumentalists as well)

EVERYONE is welcome to apply, though I'd greatly appreciate skilled musicians who are (preferably) already in an existing band, and comfortable with performing with one another. Improvisation skills are highly valued, too.

Important Things to Note:
1) Interested applicants need to be free on the 10th (soundcheck) & 11th (GRAND FINAL) of February. Also, we'll have to meet as a band to practice together at least twice if possible/necessary
2) The original I'll be using for the competition is a simple 4-chord song, so all I need are musicians who excel in the basics. Also, I love working with musicians with good performance skills (stage presence etc).
3) This event includes photoshoots and stuff so it is a good opportunity to gain exposure (but most importantly have fun)!
4) It's a concert-cum-competition kind of thing, just in case you guys are wondering

With that being said, do drop me an email at darylpang@outlook.com with material which I can use to get a better understanding of your musical style and standard. Also, feel free to ask me questions regarding the competition itself.

Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to receiving your applications!

PS- just send me a casual email, there's no need to be formal!