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Thread: Beatbox lessons

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    Beatbox lessons

    Hello, I'm GCDX
    I've 7 years of beatbox experience on stage and jamming with others. Other than typical drum sounds, I have more than 10 other special sounds under my arsenal that can be taught to others!
    Genres I like are Dubstep and more electronic music

    Who can benefit from this:
    1) Total beginners as I can have a tailored course to teach
    2) Those that have the basic drums sounds but wish to get to the next level
    3) No prior experience is needed, all you need is to come willing and ready to learn.

    Inbox me if you have any enquires or check me out on Carousell by searching"beatbox lessons". I'm patient and know how to teach Beatboxing.
    I look forward to working with you

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    Re: Beatbox lessons

    I'm open to be hired as a beatbox teacher as well

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