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Thread: Precision against the beat

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    Precision against the beat


    Playing various instruments (keys, guitars, drums) mostly in a home studio context, I am seeking to improve my precision against the beat.

    I have noticed that I am always slightly ahead of the beat, although consistent. I have measured this on my DAW to be approx. 0,05 sec on average. I usually get a near-perfect result by shifting the audio a few milliseconds, but this phenomenon concerns me.

    When I play something basic, say a 2-octave scale with my left hand on a 120 bpm tempo while focusing specifically on matching the beat, I get closer to it, but I am less consistent! This is beyond me. Is it something usual or is it just me? And is there something I can do to improve on this?

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    Re: Precision against the beat

    In case anyone's interested, I fund out that my problem actually came from a bad DAW configuration (too much latency compensation).

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    Re: Precision against the beat


    May I know which DAW are you using and what is your computer specs?

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    Re: Precision against the beat


    DAW: Reaper 5.28
    AI: Roland Octa-Capture (USB)
    PC: Intel i7 @3,5 GHz / RAM 16 GB / Windows 10

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