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Thread: Amplifier Wattage Help Needed

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    Amplifier Wattage Help Needed

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to buy a 15watt Laney Ironheart IRT15H and will use it for jamming and small gig. Did some research and this 15watt head is good for practice and stuff, but i need to know wether it is enough for small gig usage. Here are some info that i can provide.

    Genre : Metal
    Guitar Player : 2
    Cabinet : 1 x 412 cabinet
    Gig space size : 80 feet x 35 feet
    Ceiling Height : 14 feet

    I hope to use it without any micking etc. Please enlight me on this.

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    Re: Amplifier Wattage Help Needed

    Might not be enough to compete with a drummer in a gig setting. May want to consider something that's at least 50-100 watts if you're playing unamplified.

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    Re: Amplifier Wattage Help Needed

    If you really like the tone from this amp, you can mic it up during the gig. Will be much easier for the sound engineer to mix the band's sound level.

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