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Thread: Very nice PRS SE Custom semi hollow with SD P-Rails

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    Very nice PRS SE Custom semi hollow with SD P-Rails

    Due to a lack of space and some new acquisitions I need to let go this really cool PRS SE semi hollow guitar

    The PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollowbody is a Korean made semi-hollowbody
    electric guitar. It's got 22 frets on a 25" scale wide-thin neck. The
    guitar features a rosewood fingerboard with classy bird inlays. The
    PRS has got a solid, flame maple top in deep red colour. The body is mahogany, with a
    "canoe-cut", or a chamber routed on the left-side of the body. This
    features a modern f-hole. The body style is vaguely like a modern
    solid-body Ibanez (like an RG) but with shorter, rounder horns. The
    right horn has a bevel on it for increased upper-fret access.

    The guitar got upgraded with a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails in the triple shot frames
    giving access to four sounds for each pickup: Fat Humbucker, Parallel Humbucker, P90 and Sinclecoil.

    The neck is somewhat sticky out of the box due to the super glossy finish of the guitar. It has been
    carefully matted and gives the guitar a super fast neck feeling

    Asking SGD 600.00 fix, the guitar sells new for USD 495 and the PU set with triple shots is USD 249. Contact sms or whatsapp under eight3ninenine 22sevenzero
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