I'm looking to sell my Bogner Burnley Distortion. This is the (somewhat rare?) Bubinga Hardwood topped one. For those that know Bogner, you know their amps and sounds in general are legendary; the pinnacle of boutique quality. This pedal is no exception. With the Rupert Neve transformers, this pedal sounds bloody awesome. Incredibly long and sweet sustain on top of searing leads, percussive chugging to fat, sweet crunch, it's all in here. The Fat/Tight switch changes the character of the pedal, from your high-gain Marshall-y roar to tight, defined chug. Very dynamic. There is literally not a bad sound in this pedal. It may not be the most versatile of all (doesn't really do the clean-ish crunchy edge of breakup thing, but then again, this is a distortion pedal), but what it does, it does without equal. That being the most pleasant, most "singing" high-gain overdrive/distortion you'll hear. A quick search will turn up LOTS of rave reviews and excellent sound clips. The reactive jewel light looks pretty good too.

Excellent Condition, never gigged, never abused. 9.5/10 Aesthetics, 10/10 functionality.
I'm still somewhat on the fence about selling this one, so try not to lowball too hard. Looking for $280. Contact me at 9two9eight76six9.