Selling Edwards/Esp (MIJ) ritchie blackmore vintage white relic strat model at $1100

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Professional factory relic in matte lacquer finish.

5way switching makes it versatile as to having more tonal options.

Alder body with maple neck and half scalloped rosewood fingerboard.

The scalloped fretboard is amazing even for guitarist who are trying scalloped fretboard for the 1st time.

Half Scalloped fretboard is good for vibratos and it can ring chords pretty well as its has gradual scallops on the high and gradually gets deeper to the lower frets.

Bolt on joint with seymour duncan ssl-4t pickups.

It's said that this particular model has similar specs to the fender blackmore signature model but better and at an affordable price.

No logo/wordings on the headstock to make it look like a custom guitar 😆

I dont think edwards produces this model anymore hence this model can be hard to come by.

Sellling this amazing guitar to fund for other stuff😅
Do message if interested or look up carousell under Muzika man ✌