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Thread: The Singapore Football Scene Thread

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    The Singapore Football Scene Thread

    Update as of 1 Dec 2007: This thread with effect from this date will be solely dedicated to the latest happenings in the Singapore football scene.
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    where's the match held !? omg. i didnt noe . but holy shit im interested !
    Sammath Sathanas
    In Metal , I Trust.

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    Its at National Stadium. U can still get ur tickets on the matchday itself at the NS from 5pm onwards..according to the FAS website

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    Wow i didnt even know!!!!!
    I'm an ardent Singapore soccer fan!
    Tml i sure go!

    Thanks for the reminder bro...

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    Hmm this is confusing.
    The site says its held at the national stadium.
    Isnt the national stadium kallang stadium?
    And isnt kallang stadium already demolished?

    Or are the national stadium and the kallang stadium two different stadiums lol

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    National n Kallang Stadium are the same. It STILL stands. Havent demolished yet.

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    Oh i see... Thanks!
    Hell yeah im gonna be there tml!

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    I'm going tmr, hope we win or at least put in a good performance

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    Oh yeah..hoping for a win n don`t concede any away goals...then part 2 at Dushanbe just get a goalless draw enuff..: )

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    Yeah just came back...
    Nice show, won 2-0, but the Singapore supporters were kinda boring.
    The Kallang wave was attempted a few times, but all failed miserably.

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