Folks, this is honest-to-goodness the best guitar I've ever owned for the money.

Those of you familiar with how Fernandes represented the finest Japanese guitar building a few decades back won't be surprised to hear how good this is.

For just S$220, you'll be getting a whole lot of guitar for your money.

This is basically Fernandes' take on a Strat, and a mighty fine one at that. A versatile S-S-H pickup combo, one Vol one Tone. Excellent condition for a guitar of an 80s vintage, thanks to the impressive build quality. All in great shape except for a missing switch knob that will cost a dollar or so to replace. Comes with a generic gigbag.

And the sound... Let's just say you're in for a pleasant surprise. This is in no way budget-sounding. Nice, warm and articulate. Forget the tinny sounding crap you get from other guitars for this kind of money.

As mentioned above, S$220 only. Will consider trades for pedals only as I'm clearing space. Just let me know what you have in mind.

Contact me at 9669-205seven. No PMs please.