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Thread: Medeli Drum

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    Medeli Drum

    Anyone tried the Medeli DD650RX? I think its the latest medeli series with a hi-hat stand. Planning to get it as its quite affordable.

    Couldn't find any reviews. Anyone tried it before or any medeli drum review?

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    Re: Medeli Drum

    I use to have the DD602. It is OK and affordable but the drum sound does not sound as realistic as DTX750 however the price is good. Else you may wants to consider the cheap Yamaha DTX400 (around SGD$ 650 Only) as now very cheap. My opinion of Edrum it will never match acoustic drum in feel and sound. so not worth to spend so much money especially if you lives in apartment, you cannot kick the bass kickpad so hard anyway even it is edrum. Majority of people says it is OK it is because they did not check with the neighbor below who may just bear with it if they are nice. The biggest issue of edrum is the Kick pad so I think it is better to have those without the actual (like the DTX 400) kickpad so you will not generate so much vibration on the floor (your neighbor below you). You just tap it lightly or use a plastiky keyboard foot pedal. Else the vibration and thumb generated on the floor is exactly same as actual acoustic bass drum. If you have the courage can ask your neighbor below is the kick pedal affecting them? Like the Awowo cheap edrum the basskick pedal is shape like drum but only has switch ON/OFF maybe can mod with a piezoelement to have some control.

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