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Thread: Becoming a Recording Artist ...

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    Becoming a Recording Artist ...

    The good news for aspiring singers and vocalists is that most Record Companies are always on the lookout for talented new recording artists. In fact, the record industry thrives on new talent, and if you have talent as a singer, this is a great time to become a recording artiste. There are more record companies out there today than ever before and each record company has to differentiate itself from the rest each time they release a new single or CD of one of their recording artists.

    If you're looking to sign with a record company as a recording artist, you'll need to put together a demo of your vocal and singing talents. It doesn't have to be expensive, but must showcase your singing talent. You'll also want to put your Promo Package together, to send to record companies.

    Your promo package can include a vocal or songwriting demo, a brief bio, and a cover letter. Some have opts for video presentations as well. (e.g. Video DVD, Youtube or Weblinks.) It is important to understand that Not every package gets enough time/exposure in first getting the A & R Executive interested in your materials.(Cut the story short, most demo has about 15 secs upon opening up the package to decides whether you get an interest or straight toss into the bins.) We learn it the hard way so you can save a bundle from not making the same mistake.

    Starting a singing career is no different from starting your own business, there are cost involved regardless if it is monetary or time cost. So it's the utmost important to plan your career (biz) so it get off the ground without too much wastage of everybody's time/money.

    If you are contemplating a career as a Recording Artiste. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

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    Re: Becoming a Recording Artist ...

    Our purpose is to identity the marketability of your talent in an honest and straightforward manner, thus not waste precious time/money trying to achieve targets which are not achievable. That being said, your getting up and doing it right reflects on your passions to be a successful individual in your chosen field of work/biz.

    Here is Wishing All Passionate Musicians the Best in their Endeavour.


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    Re: Becoming a Recording Artist ...

    Being a Recording Artiste is NOT THE SAME as someone who sings in a club or lounge for a living. You may question that they are both doing exactly the same activity like singing, writing songs etc. But in reality, both are world's apart in their direction towards the achievement of their goals.

    With the advent of the internet world, the music industries had undergone a tremendous changes from the past practice of grooming talents from its infancy til fruition of its purpose. It's no longer possible due to dwindling market sale of CDs etc. Just as recording studio has come to the bedrooms of many a talented individuals. It is heartening to see their talents go wasted because of mis-direction. There's an music industry saying "of the 1 successful artiste, there are 99 others in their midst".

    Let's be brutally honest. The Record Co. and Publishers no longer has time/spare money on their sides to hopefully groom potential talents. Therefore, it is utmost important that Talents are able to project themselves in the most marketable manner to even entice the A&R to even listen to you.

    This is evidently so when you watch shows like "America's has Talent", "Voices of America", American Idols", where you find some really talented singer who will fail in the personality dept and vice-versa. This can go on and on ... But the bottom line is "Nobody cares if you can sing or dance unless you are marketable!"

    With this ... i rest my pen

    Best Regards Always

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    Re: Becoming a Recording Artist ...

    and now from the perspective of the live performers e.g. the Bands..

    When we talked earlier in regard to the Recording Artiste, we are speaking about just the talent himself or herself. It's much easier to package an artist and making him/her marketable when Record Co. already has a feel of their market and what will sell and not. In this retrospective, they might already had assembled the necessary sounds just waiting for the right individual/s to fill in the gap. Whereas, in a band ... we have to consider the harmonics of the band as to whether they compliment to create the sounds that people will listen to let alone sell it. So there you see, the multitude of issues that needs to be iron out before even creating a decent demo.

    If your band has some original materials already and just not the skill needed to justify its quality. Sending a demo at this moment is suicidal. Imagine you wrote that inspirationally beautiful rock ballad only to trash it because of bad sounds. Now, the point is, don't ever release any material that's half-done. There's lot more to recording / jamming than just picking up any instrument and expecting it to sounds like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC etc.. You needed a host of other talents such as sound engineers, producer, arranger, directors, A&R, Marcom, etc to make your sound mainstream and mass appealings... If you can't handles the spectrums at this moment, why not stick with just one instrument e.g. guitar.

    That way, you only need to focus on getting your voice and guitar to blend. A much easier task to accomplish i must say. Oh yes, I forget to mention that if your songs consists of 65% instrument and 35% vocal, then pls focus on the sound of your instrument! Hope you find these tips useful and good luck!

    Best Regards

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    Re: Becoming a Recording Artist ...

    Buying the "Right" sound for your tracks.

    Many of you has gone out to shop for truck loads of effects, cabinets and many other gears only to find them redundant later. Unless you are using them for all the tracks you've created. Well you get the drift.. quit trying to sound like someone you hear on the radio and create your own distinctive sound. Music is an Art. Just as Singing too. Shadowing or Copying is just plain flattery for the original artiste.

    When I started creating computer arranged music in 1997-99 using just Fruityloops. Many musicians cannot comprehend that the facts that digitally created music are the future as we now know. Many musicians commented on the "inferior quality" of digital sound vs "analog sound" .... and so on ... Look at the music scene today, most if not all music are digitally make or assisted in some manners that offers listeners the wonderful plethora of sounds we hear today.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon !


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