Hey guys. I'm representing half of my duo called popANDpai and our group wants to expand from being a duo group to become more of a full combo band. So yeah anyone who's keen to join can come and pm us and we'll set up a jamming session to just get to know each other a little bit more and create good music together.

Right now what we need is:

- Keyboardist / Pianist
- Lead Guitarist
- Bassist
- Drummer

Once we have these positions filled we'll probably be changing the group name as well, so as to make it not sound that it's only the two of us. We've been performing and numerous open mics and performances and we wanna expand our play areas at more places like pubs and bars, or cafes that have full piece band instruments. We also wanna be progressive in terms of songwriting so anybody who writes or has a song in mind could just put it on the table and we'll work on it together. Hope you guys will be keen on this offer. Do PM us or contact us at popandpai@hotmail.com!