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Thread: Looking for a Drummer and a Bassist

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    Looking for a Drummer and a Bassist

    I can't revise my previous post.

    I am a singer/guitarist Filipino expat. I am forming this alternative rock band. We can also do some crossover light rock ballad stuff as long as it is not so cheesy. We would do some experimentation. The concept is to do more originals than to do cover songs though. I am planning a touch of Creed/Altered Bridge/Oasis/Gin Blossoms/Goo Goo Dolls in terms of overall sound. There's still some crunch on the music but with melodic vocals. The music should not be too loud though. I don't intend to create aggressive rock music at this point because I am a family man now.

    I am looking forward to meet a bassist and a drummer. I'm not looking for technically-inclined band-mates but rather someone who knows how to balance, the tone, volume, dynamics and the total output of the band. By the way, I tune my guitars 1/2 step lower. I prefer to play mostly acoustic/clean parts for now but I do have dirt pedals together with other effect pedals at my pedalboard and a multi-effects pedal.

    I am based in Sengkang/Fernvale so it would be great if you are near the area so we can jam impromptu and even do song recording. But even if you are far, it is still fine. I do have a DIY room studio at our place. We can even do silent practice (similar to JamHub). Ideally, we would learn the songs first (learn the breaks, ad libs, etc.) then rent a studio probably in the city for the more serious rehearsals. We can jam during weekends and even during weekday nights (silent rehearsal).

    The DIY studio is functional. It can accommodate both silent band practice (using headphones like in JamHub) and also through a make-shift PA system + mixer + guitar, bass, drum kit amps. There is a Fostex MR8 for multitrack and live recording. A Zoom H1 is also available for quick band recording. There is also a Zoom Q2HD for video recording if you want to upload in YouTube. My friends and I used this setup before and we had a good balance of volume and sound in a band setting. It is also a good way to practice because it can simulate the setup of the small bars here in Singapore. You can add your own practice amps if you want.

    Probably we'll start with covers as a warm-up, arrange 3 original songs and then straight-away perform at open mics. If we are doing good, then let's work on gigs early.

    For starters, we can do the covers for the songs below:

    Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
    Rise Above This - Seether
    Melt With You - Modern English
    With Or Without You - U2 (let's make this one bouncy and crunchy)
    Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms
    Into Your Arms - Lemonheads
    Wonderwall - Oasis

    If you are interested, you may SMS me at 96214424 or email at Note: I am on long leave until April 12.
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    Re: Looking for a Drummer and a Bassist

    Bassist found! Looking for a drummer!

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    Re: Looking for a Drummer and a Bassist

    Drummer found! Please close the thread.

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