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Thread: KORG PA600SG : Singapore’s First Musical Keyboard

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    KORG PA600SG : Singapore’s First Musical Keyboard

    Leading Japanese musical instrument maker, Korg, in collaboration with local distributor, City Music Co. Pte Ltd, today announced the release of Singapore’s first musical keyboard with local ethnic sounds.

    With the popularity of high-tech electronic musical keyboards that offer impressive collection of western instruments sounds, traditional music lost their shine due to the lack of exposure to our traditional musical instruments.

    Singapore’s Distributor for Korg, City Music Co Pte Ltd, saw the desire for many Singaporean music enthusiasts to have local ethnic sounds and also the need to preserve and promote Singapore’s unique blend and harmony of our three ethnic races – Chinese, Malay and Indian.

    City Music Co Pte Ltd embarked on a year-long project in 2015, working with traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian musicians, studios and sound engineers, to sample and develop traditional musical instruments sounds, as well as musical styles with Korg.

    The Pa600SG is a state-of-the-art arranger keyboard that features a huge collection of quality sounds and realistic backing accompaniments that is ideal to be used at home or on the stage.

    Working with the latest technology from Korg’s highly-acclaimed series of arranger keyboards, the Pa600SG will be based on the hugely popular Pa600 and feature over 950 fully editable sounds as well as more than 360 pre-loaded music styles that includes 31 traditional instrument sounds as well as over 40 accompanying styles that are unique to our three local ethnic groups such as the Cak Lengpong, Angklung, Kompang, Gu Zheng, Pi Pa, Dholak and Mridangam.

    It also features an intuitive 7” touchscreen colour display and two 15-Watt speakers for sound amplification. The Pa600SG also comes with 4 stereo master effects and supports playback of a variety of formats like MIDI, KAR and MP3.

    As part of City Music's SG50 initiative, this project also saw the first ever industry collaboration between Republic Polytechnic's School of Technology for the Arts and City Music Co. Pte Ltd. Five students from the Diploma in Sonic Arts Programme were tasked to create over 160 high-quality audio samples to be used in the Pa600SG as their Final Year Project(FYP).

    For more information about the Korg Pa600SG:

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