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    Zoom R24

    Hi I just purchased a Zoom R24 that comes with Cubase LE and a set of Whardale KMD 7 piece drum mics. I would like to record jamming sessions with it. The Zoom R24 comes with 8 mics/line input. One of the line in can is a hi-z which I can plug in a guitar. Any suggestions how I can get the best recording result? My band consists of 1 drummer, 1 bassist and 3 guitarists. Another band consists of 1 drummer, 1 bassist, 1 keyboardist and 2 guitarists. How should I place the mics?
    Also any idea if jamming studios allow setting up mics for recording?
    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Re: Zoom R24

    Hi Alfred, congrats on your purchase. Do check out this link of a video and recording I did back then.

    You haven't mentioned vocals so I'm assuming you're recording it separately or instrumental band. Here's how id do it.

    Band A : 3 guitarists and 1 bassist and drummer.
    If there's acoustic, use pickups DI.
    If not, bassist DI record
    3 guitarist = 3 mike up amps or put 3 amps together then use 2 microphones as stereo (but you'll have to manually adjust volume levels by miking closer or further)

    Then you're left with 4 or 5 channels then focus on miking snare and kick first, followed by overheads cymbals and then lastly toms if any mics or channels left.

    Band B : is pretty much same, keyboards and bass DI (#1 and #2)
    Guitar guitar (#3,#4)

    Please don't forget there are inbuilt mics on the r24 that can help save mics if you need more. Place them higher up on a makeshift shelf also work as overheads for drums

    Jamming studios allow if you ask nicely and assure them their equipment will be used with discipline and responsibility. I've done recordings at numerous locations with no issues. Just make sure you add+1 hour for setup and removal timing. It's physically and mentally challenging so make sure you're well prepared.
    This video I recorded drums at shiin studio

    Have fun
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    Re: Zoom R24

    Hi thanks for the advice. Yes will be recording vocal too.

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    Re: Zoom R24

    Then you'll have to take your mics and channels from the drums for the vocals and also risk a lot of bleeding recording from other instruments in the same room.

    But if you insist, in a live situation, I was ever using a rolls ms20c mic splitter then you can tap recording from vocal mic and still wire to pay speaker at the same time

    Otherwise you can also consider getting another unit of r24 / r16 and daisy chain for more inputs
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