This is more than just a beginner Guitar
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Self collect at my area , amp too heavy i cannot handle

Bundle 1 :
Guitar + Bag + Tuner + strap
free Guitar pick

Bundle 2:
Amp + Guitar + cable
Free 3.5 mm to 6.35mm adapter (brand new)

Bundle 3:
Amp + Guitar + cable + Tuner + strap + Bag'
Free 3.5 mm to 6.35mm adapter , guitar pick and Dean Markley Blue steel regular gauge

LTD EC-10 (with seymour duncan) - $350 - switch a bit shaky but no connection fault

30 watt amp With EFX - $100 (L*W*H 40cm*22cm*36cm) weight : about 10kg





New String

Info :
LTD-EC10 @ davis guitar $250
Sixty-Five 30 Watt amp With EFX (kinda look like nux mighty 30)- around $160 +

Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB 35th anniversary series (BRIDGE) limited edition - If bought at Seymour Duncan custom shop is 160USD. Normal SH4 JB $99 @ davis guitar

Seymour Duncan SH1-59 (NECK) - $125
Plus $30 fixing

All hardware changed except tune o mactic Bridge and neck bolt plate

Electronic :
2 Audio Pot 500K ohm for vol and tone
Vol pot connect in series with a 500K ohm resistor so = 1M ohm
682J capacitor 0.0068uf

Amp spec:
6 channel: clean, blues,crunch,British,solo,metal
Control: Gain, Level, High, Mid, Bass and master vol
EFX: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, tremolo, Delay and Reverb
4 pre set Eq, A,B,C,D and build in tuner
High and low input
Found all the screws


Guitar Some scratch and dent : is more obvious with flash
normal view without flash :

I didn't change the tailpiece and tune o mactic stud