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Thread: Wasted my money.

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    Wasted my money.

    Ok guys so recently, i bought and Epiphone Les Paul on 19/12/15 at Music Theme for $700 (obviously way overpriced but i didn't noticed until i went to check it at Swee Lee which was sold at $500 plus). So i tried it at the store and all, there was already a stinging pain on my arm when i rest it on the pickups. I thought it was some irritation so i brushed it off thinking it was nothing big. I brought home and started playing it. Suddenly, i felt a shock from the strings and the same area at the pickups.

    I am very disappointed because not only did i paid $700 for an overpriced guitar, it was also faulty. I brought it back to the shop and they said they'll look at it and i am planning to demand a for a refund cos i don't want to waste my time having to travel back and forth again if the same thing happens again. And if like they say no, i might consider going to the Small Court. It is very dangerous if it happens again cos like although it may not kill us. What will happen to us if it continues happening to us when we are playing?

    Please advise thank you.

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    Re: Wasted my money.

    The guitar in question, it seems, has grounding issues. That's the reason you got shocked. If the store you bought it from know what it's doing, it'll get it fixed.

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    To tell you honestly, i think the issue that you caught an electric shock is not the guitar's fault. Im fairly familiar with guitar wirings, i guess i know a thing or two about this thing. Try plugging it in straight to your amp and ensuring that the amp is properly grounded by using an power cord wih a third ground prong.

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    Re: Wasted my money.

    Prolly should have done some homework before purchasing the guitar then. It's really not difficult to browse on websites of major US retailers such as Guitar Center or Musician's Friend.

    After currency conversion, shipping and tax, you would know roughly how much the middle man is charging you for their service. You can prolly even factor in a 20% discount from US retail price which you would typically receive for more expensive guitars and pedals.

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    Re: Wasted my money.

    Paying more than you should without doing prior research would be your personal error

    The amplifier may not be grounded therefore causing the shock.

    I believe Music Theme did not try to sell you an inferior product that has been advertised as otherwise and therefore bringing this to small claims tribunal may not be very effective

    Brute-forcing your way through for a refund will only look bad on you unless the product sold is really damaged and compromised
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