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Thread: My custom designed guitar:

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    My custom designed guitar:

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to get your opinions on this. I have recently just designed and had a manufacturer fabricate my guitar. I'd like to get your comments.... I'm might be thinking to make more and sell them!

    Main Specs:
    Mahogany body / flame maple top with edge binding
    Full flame maple neck / factory locking tuners
    Rosewood fretboard / SS frets
    SD pups - JB / Jazz
    Gotoh 510 Bridge

    Here are some images!

    It's a first prototype... still needs some fine tuning!

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    looks great, 2 things i would change is 1) putting the 3 way switch further away from the volume knob. looks like your hand will hit the switch if you need to do quick volume adjustments on the fly 2) the straplock on the upper horn looks a bit 'brittle', horn looks a tad too thin.

    Chin Yuen
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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Headstock should slightly angle to make the string get some light tension over the nut, like Ibanez. It's good that you have a volute behind the neck, so the angle shouldn't make that a weak spot.

    The low E string seems to slightly not align with the tuning peg. Preferably they all do not have any angle to the tuner except from the neck angling down.

    The body is a bit too big near the bridge end side.

    For the neck, from the looks at the back, well I could be wrong, I hope the wood grain doesn't go across side to side, should be bridge to neck direction.. Else the neck won't be strong.

    The inner curve where the guitar sits on your leg, is best moved towards the bridge a bit, or else it feels awkward when played in sitting position.

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Looks good!

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Looks good indeed. Reminds me of a Reverend body. And the logo , Olp guitars.
    Overall finishing is nice with nice selection of wood and hardwares.
    Not sure about your manufacturer's track records, the high E seems a tad too close to the edge of the fretboard. Could be the photo angle perhaps?

    In my opinion, the guitar market has slowed down a lot. (even guitar forums are pretty quiet) Big names boutique guitars are moving very slowly. Unless you are considering selling this as an entry level guitar at very low price , now is not a good time to consider such business venture.

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Thanks for the kind comments guys appreciate it!

    To answer a few questions on why I had the pickup switch selector so close to the pickup is because I think they are more reachable like in the case or JP'S EBMM model...

    The horn is indeed a bit thin... apparently the factory I worked with did not follow exactly my curves I gave them... no surprises for me lol

    The body is a bit long on the end side but I realised it sort of give it a bit more sustain.... will make it shorter in the next proto.

    Neck is strong, it's a one piece flame maple.. the nut job is bad and I just switched out the tuners for Gotoh ones. Much better now!

    I will try to put a clip of how this baby sounds. ... it's not perfect but I hope I'm getting there.

    Ricfreak thanks for the note on the market. .. I'm trying to position this as an entry to mid positioning... with these kinda specs usually the big brands will cost A LOT!

    Will keep you all posted. ...

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Forgot to mention, this looks like a 24 fret neck and you're missing the 24th inlay to indicate the next octave.

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Thanks for the feedback bro, actually I took that into consideration and I have looked at some other brands, they did not include it in too.. but this is easy just to add in!

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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Hi, I would be interested in the following specs:

    1. neck profile (shape)
    2. neck thickness at 1st fret & 12th fret
    3. Fretboard radius
    4. Frets size & material used eg Dunlop 6100
    5. How balanced is the guitar when strapped up and in a standing position? eg will there be neck dive ala SG?
    6. total weight of the guitar


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    Re: My custom designed guitar:

    Ok here is the test run!

    Improvising on a Boss JS10 track....

    Don't mind my choppy playin haha!

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