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Thread: Chen Qi Zhen

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    Chen Qi Zhen

    Hi all, speaking of taiwan music, I think Chen Qi Zhen is a great singer and composer. total pwnage of the rest of the taiwan pop factory products. any fellow listeners?

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    Me! Haha. Though I don't like to admit I like some of her songs since I'm actually a die-hard metalhead. I think her voice is really soothing on your ears when you just want to relax and chill.

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    I love her song "Tang Zai Ni De Yi Gui" (Lying in your closet). Can just listen to it over and over again
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    2nd that. in fact i cant get tired of all her songs man.ahh

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    yes, she's a refreshing composer.

    Another singer/composer I like is Penny Dai
    Very melodic and refreshing as well

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    yea, i think she's good too, but haven really got to listen to more of her less radio-played songs, but realised she's more well known than qi zhen, anyone went to her gig last month?(qi zhen i mean)

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    i like her too!
    eventhough i'm always go for heavy stuffs.
    but her voice and her stuffs really helps when i juz need some rest =p

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    Yeah...bought her latest Live CD with DVD set....fantastic...
    Ever since I heard their materials... really loved it... since listening after having it in my CD player for months.. hahaha...

    My fave track is "Hai Shi Hui Ji Muo" very nice bass lines... heez.. and the feel of the song overall is nice and refreshing..

    I'm also finding for a Chinese Pop band to form up to jam her materials.. Anyway, I play the bass..

    ~Aloysius Zen~

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    chen qi zhen simply rocks la..

    nuff said :mrgreen:

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    are u aloysius who came to breakbeat theory gig?

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