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Thread: Chen Qi Zhen

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    Quote Originally Posted by hub37 View Post
    yes, she's a refreshing composer.

    Another singer/composer I like is Penny Dai
    Very melodic and refreshing as well

    yes Penny!
    YouTube - ?? - ??? (with lyrics translation)
    such a beautiful song.

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    Breakbeat theory gig? Was it the one held at the ArtHouse? If it is, then I think I am the one.. hahaha... I'm guessing u're KH rite? *smirk*

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    I don't understand chinese, but I've always known her as 'cheer chen'. I like her music, my other favorite taiwanese 'indie' singer-songwriter is Deserts Xuan, but I find her new album too mainstream for my tastes. I want my coffeehouse music back damnit!

    Also I love Cao Fang, but I think she is from mainland china.

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    cheer chen

    Hi there,

    I like cheer chen too. After many years of Jpop/rock music, she's the only one who caused me to go buy a chinese cd in years since 1994.

    Went to her live at expo. But a bit pissed cos after first quarter of live, all ppl stand on chairs for no reason and i see at all!! can only watch the big projector screen.

    If you or other bands got jam her songs, I dun mind do vocals hehehe..

    cheer rocks!!!

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    cheer chen

    My fave track is "Hai Shi Hui Ji Muo" very nice bass lines... heez.. and the feel of the song overall is nice and refreshing..

    ~Aloysius Zen~[/QUOTE]

    Hai Shi Hui Ji Mo was covered by Sammi Cheng, and she used this particular song for her Taiwan Concert back in early 2000's.

    I've been a fan since I was 14! I always wanted to date a girl like her; you know, the 'talented girl next door who writes simple easy going memorable folk songs'?

    Guess what guys..?I finally found her! She doesn't write or compose, but we are perfoming every last Friday of the month, covering Cheer Chen's song. We will attempt some of her tracks this time. Hope to see you there. PM me if you are keen.

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    Wuuuu!! Cool thing...where can I catch you guys play Cheer Chen songs!! If I go down, can play "Hai Shi Hui Ji Muo" for me to hear?? heez...

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    Me! I am her die hard fan!! Flew to her ending concert in Kao Hsuing last November!!

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    where do i find u guys!!

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