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Thread: Music made in Singapore

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    Music made in Singapore

    Hi all

    I am making a list of all music/albums that are made in Singapore. Please add to the list. A cool history lane if completed. Start diggin.

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    the suns, formerly known as the bored phucks
    hafnt heard any of their stuff, heard they're kinda great.
    does any1 have their mp3s? or the talking cock cd?

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    Elmo - They only had one album. I call them a super-band coz they consist of some of the finest musician in Singapore. The late great Edmund Branson Jr played drums.

    Plain Sunset - They had 3 albums. Some of them are available in Played their final gig early this year. Underground emo/punk-whatever, but they sure rock in the underground scene. U just have to be at their gigs to experience the kind of enerygy they create

    Tanya Chua - In my opinion she can tops Steph Sun anytime! SHe does English and CHinese songs with ease! Her english songs have a kind of local flavor that is very unique.

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    uh. i'm not sure, but there's this guy called Eddy who tried to play a few acoustic songs at Far East Plaza, outside a shop owned by his friend. He was promoting his album, forgot which title heh. anyway after only playing one song he was made to stop by the security. $%&#^&#. he was pretty good.

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    A band named Defuse. They'd released two EPs. The first EP was distributed during a gig, only 100 copies. The second EP was sponsored by the Singapore Police Force, i think one thousand copies, also distributed during a gig.

    DEFUSE 1st 4-track EP(demo)
    2002.6.8 Released
    (100 out)

    4.'TIL I DIE

    DEFUSE 2nd EP
    "Crime does not pay"


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    Urban Xchange!! How can anyone forget them...Muahahaha...not much in terms of memory lane...but I think their good anywayz...

    Muackz to all...


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    Aphelion - Within The Woods (1999)

    Enorhted - Panegyric To The Iniquitous (2003)

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    Concave Scream

    Has everyone forgotten bout the ever great one: CONCAVE SCREAM?

    They were once the best!!


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    There's this little known band called RiotingJames that really kick ass. Go check them out at

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    i got a few in mind which i dun think i can forget.

    1) Ossuarry
    2) Stompin Ground
    3) Opposition Party
    4) Swirling Madness

    they are all damn shiok!!!

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