Selling TC Electronic Arena Reverb for 140SGD

A TC Electronic and Guitar Center exclusive, the Arena Reverb takes TC Electronic's most legendary reverb sounds from the famous Hall Of Fame Reverb and adds four new instant classics meticulously crafted with the true reverb aficionado in mind. You get everything from lush halls and lively springs all the way to gloriously grand cathedrals all incorporated in a high-quality roadworthy Stompbox.

Just like the Hall of Fame Reverb, the Arena Reverb features Stereo Inputs/Outputs and is TonePrint enabled so you can beam one of the many amazing artists' TonePrints to get the reverb tones of Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Steve Morse and many others, or you can choose to make your very own reverb sound via the free TonePrint editor.

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