I'm an aspiring producer who's on the lookout for Singer/Songwriters or Solo Acts to produce as part of a pet project of mine to develop unknown musicians. I want to create a community of musicians so that we can learn, educate, and eventually stand out in this small music industry we have here in Singapore.

We will be working on the following to put YOUR music out there:

CONTENT - Originals, Covers, Songwriting, Musicality, Demos, Recordings
AWARENESS - Public performances, Youtube Videos, Social Media Development, Marketing
PRODUCTION - Arranging Songs, Co-write Songs, Recording & Mixing Songs
BUSINESS - Releasing Music, Online Platforms for Original Music, COMPASS

A little on myself, I'm a keyboardist/pianist, composer/arranger. I record, mix and master my own projects as well. I've been through the process of releasing music DIY so I hope to apply the same skill sets to help those talented ones LIKE YOU!

You can check out my stuff at my Soundcloud down here!


It'll be a plus if you are good at singing or songwriting. Do send me your demos or videos or recordings if you have any and perhaps we could meet up and discuss about your songs! No fear, I won't bite

Whatsapp me at 91186304. All are Welcomed!