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Thread: Keyboardist Available

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    Keyboardist Available

    Hi guys,

    I played the keyboard with Rock, Classic Rock,Pop and Top 40's repertoire.
    Interested with band with gig for 2-3 night weekly performance or full time
    gig can be discussed. PM me or leave your number and I'll get back to
    you shortly.

    thanks a lot

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    Re: Keyboardist Available

    Contact me (Cliff) @ 9388 0598 if you are interested in a full-time gig.

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    Re: Keyboardist Available

    I'm Bash, moved 8 months ago to Sg from London.
    We are a 5 piece Pop-Reggae band.
    1 Bass
    1 Lead Guitar
    1 Rythm guitar
    1 drum
    1 lead vocalist.
    We jam mostly one time a week in a studio per week.
    We use Afro, reggae, soul, pop as elements in our music to create a unique and vibrant sound in order to propose something different.
    Our music's got lots strings and brass. we are currently and urgently looking a great keyboardist to join our team to help us create and celebrate a professioanl but different music,

    i was wondering if you'd be interested to join the band. We are auditioning now.
    My number is 85988403 and its on whatsup.

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