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Thread: Looking for JPop band members

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    Looking for JPop band members

    Hi I'm interested to form a Jpop band just for fun! I would love to cover songs by Miwa, Nishino Kana, Goosehouse, Ayaka or even anisongs etc. !

    Looking for keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist(to harmonize), drummer etc... I hope to be able to meet like minded people or even write songs together!

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    Re: Looking for JPop band members

    Hi there!!

    Im an amateur guitarist who is currently still taking private guitar lessons on Sat/Sun Mornings.

    Im also still serving NS in a stay out unit so i go home daily except on duty days.

    I generally listen to OOR, Supercell and LiSA. I do have a few other bands but i havent listened to them in awhile. I also am only able to play a more rhythmic role though i am working at becoming a better guitarist in hope to play leads better someday.

    Although i have yet to listen to the list of artist you have provided, i hope that by joining a J-band, i am able to expand my genre and music library. Also i hope to gain more exposure with a band.

    Currently I have played during casual jammings:
    Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari (as rhythm)
    Heidi. - Yokan (as rhythm)
    Yui - Rolling Star (as rhythm/lead)
    GDM - 23:50 (as lead)
    Jimmythumb-P - Calc (as rhythm)
    Supercell - Kare (as rhythm)
    K-On - Fudepen (as lead)
    XJapan - Endless rain (as lead)

    And learning:
    GDM - Littlebraver

    If you think i could help you out, do let me know =D


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    Re: Looking for JPop band members

    Hey there! Fellow J-Pop fan here!

    Don't quite listen to most of the artists you two mentioned (I am a huge fan of ayaka and Goosehouse though!), but I'm pretty open to listening to more J-Pop artists. I listen to ayumi hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Kaela Kimura, Mika Nakashima, Superfly, DREAMS COME TRUE, sakanaction, Kaela Kimura, Shota Shimizu, Galileo Galilei, etc. Have always wanted to be a vocalist in a band myself! Nice to see that there are like-minded people here.

    Am currently taking private lessons for singing and guitar (though I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near good in either yet, lol) but I have NS coming in about 2 months' time, but if you guys are cool I don't mind if we could perhaps hang out someday PM me here or something. Cheers!

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    Re: Looking for JPop band members

    Hi all,

    I have recently joined this forum to look for like minded music fans who wish to play music. I have listened to some of the artists that you have mentioned and listen mainly to Yui, stereopony and scandal.

    I am mainly an electric guitar player, self taught and am picking up bass at the moment. If you do not mind an amateur bassist, I am willing to try out. It would be nice to be able to learn together and pick up new music from one another!

    I am currently working and am able to commit weekends!

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    Re: Looking for JPop band members

    Hi, I am a bassist that is interested in joining you guyz to jam and improve my music. I listen to artistes such as OOR, Scandal, BoA. I wish to join you guyz and be able to expose myself to more music and learn together.

    Currently I am a NSF that is going to ORD in 84 days. Can commit most of the time except during 29sept- 13 oct

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    Re: Looking for JPop band members

    Hi! I'm a Guitarist I love Jpop and JRock. Especially Uverworld. I can properly pronounce Japanese words.. I can learn memorise Japanese lyrics fast

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