Stands are all incomplete, just the BASES, hence the cheap price. Condition are relatively good. No rust, no oxidation. Very sturdy. Ideal for people who wants more stable bases, if they wish to clamp on to heavy duty stands.

22inch Bass Drum Skins. Yamaha ones are all intact. Evans G2 Coated slight tear the back, but has been taped up.

Sponge O ring, i think it is 18 inch.

Price List:
Evans G2 Clear 22inch Bass Drum Skin: $8
Yamaha 22 Inch Clear Bass Drum Skin: $10
Yamaha 22 inch Black Bass Drum Skin: $10
18" Sponge O Ring: $4

Tama Hi Hat Stand BASE: $10
Tama Cymbal Stands BASE X2 : $10 each
Other Black stand: $5.

Prices are still negotiable. Honestly just clearing them out. Deal at Pasir Ris at my convenience.

Message me at 90218242.
Get the entire lot for $50.