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Thread: How did you find out abt this website?

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    yahoo singapore...

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    My boss gave me this webbie and told me to do some "research" on this website for my Jazzpiration By The Beach project...

    Somehow when i first heard of soft , i thought it was some local independent record label because i knew that there was a website name "soft" and it sounded kinda familar and when i finally found out this webbie , i just realised that i had an account back in mid 2003 but i've forgotton my username and password... :lol:

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    googled something, forget what..maybe guitars+ singapore or something or guitar forum signapore and found this.

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    yea same........type something in google related to guitars n singapore......think i was searching for local ads and stuff....

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    googled for "how to muffle drums" i tink.either that or i was searching for second hand drums... :lol:

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    A friend told me about it, that it has a classified section and all, aside from luthermusic

    And i'm sure glad i found this site :wink:

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    I was searching for "soft" porn... :lol:
    But what I came across was the best place for Spore musician to hang out... Kudos to those who made this place happening...
    Like my new avatar??!!!

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    i typed epiphone les paul standard in google... and ended up here.

    thank god.

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    i searched"singapore music forum"on google,then i found SOFT~

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