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Thread: How did you find out abt this website?

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    How did you find out abt this website?

    Dear all

    Just wanna know how did you learnt about ?

    Was it through friends, other websites or from a Search?

    James 8)

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    typed foo fighters in yahoo singapore.. somehow got here.

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    Heard about the website from another forum elsewhere.

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    me.. i found out when my band got involve in IBX competition... tis website is cool.. thumbs up bro!!!! :wink:
    Local music need ur support......

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    This web site cool man ..... It gives the information bout all the necessary things that u want to know bout local band..... ROCK ON GUYS HAIL SHAKESPEAR.....

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    from a friend when i wanted to buy an epiphone les paul.

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    Got to know of this site from a friend, during the days i was first starting out.

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    Knew of the site since its creation after the Singapore Music Forum went down.

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    was lookin for classifieds of musical instruments... wemt from luthers, to catcha blah blahbalh
    somehow clicked on a link to here
    den again maybe it was tru a fren
    anyway i like the site

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    I just typed local classified ads in and it offered this sites as one of the results...
    Solos makes me smile....

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