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Thread: DIY Recording FAQ

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    look at this.....

    this is where i work, in commonwealth, singapore

    the toys and the space make it a pro studio. the skills of the people you work with and the quality of the end result also make it 'pro'

    i am not in the pics but you can see lion here and others in china and thai land. look at the wooden room, but only half wooden. the other half is carpeted. the walls and roon are all at diff angles to give a diff result too. all the echo/reverb styles in one room and some dead spots too.

    my boss has been doing studio sound for well over 35 years, that helps alot too!

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    seriously... nobody will doubt speakeasy/lion studio as a amature studio, it has well tuned rooms. well, i'll be waiting to hear your stuff. for me, professional is the end product you deliver, not the tools you use.

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    true but..........

    you need the right toys to get the right results. using behringer fx and mixer cant deliver the 'pro' result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernardgoh View Post
    nobody will doubt speakeasy/lion studio as a amature studio
    do you not mean as a pro studio??? nothing armature here bro!

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    sorry... my bad... pro studio that is.

    like i say... professional is people who deliver results and know their craft.

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    otpp : i don't know the pinholes but guess I'll look out for their new work. good luck
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    hmm blueprintstudios, i dont know if this is relavant..
    But im abit confused abt something.
    I am trying to set up a home rec studio to record a whole band basically.
    So let's say i do it up like this.
    The guitars are plugged into the amps and mic-ed up
    The bass is plugged into the amp and mic-ed up
    Vocals have the mics are the ready
    The drumset is mic-ed
    And everything is connected to a mixer.
    Here's the part. Does the mixer go into the pc? Or does it still have to go through another medium so as to get everything recorded.
    Im using audacity btw. i need a bit of assistance in this area =x
    The PC used is a fujitsu with a 2gb ram in it.

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    Ron Rocks!

    Hey guys, trust me, Ron may not have gone thru any formal course, but he's a kickass recording engineer... you'd have no regrets!

    Take it from someone who's had personal experience asking him to record!

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    Recording Live In The Bedroom???


    these mixers will record all your channs into the mixer separate so you can edit them as separate chann after. this will make your end production far better as you can work on the drums separate to the vocal and so on.

    the only thing that will cause you a problem is that if your room is small you will get 'spill'. this is the drum mics recording the guitar and so on. when you get too much spill editing can be very hard. i would suggest doing the band with no vocals and adding the vocals after. or even better would be to run the cables into different rooms of your house and using earphones.

    the 32 chann one is only about $1100 net from 'esdon trading' in sim lim. the number is 63339745. there is a 24 and 16 chann version too. there is also the alesis fire wire 16 which they dont make any more so may be selling at a good price on ebay.

    the quality of the phonic is about the same as a behringer but the alasis is very good. i have used 3 alasis to record live before.

    if you want i am selling a MOTU 828 mk1 at the moment. its only 8 chann though. the full spec is in the for sale forum.

    whats the name of your band?

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    Hi Avidaxis,

    You mix everything on your mixer or are you thinking of recording multitracks? if your bands is tight and you got a sweet room. you can just mix everything on your mixer and record a stereo tracks to your PC. if not, try multitracking and mix it later. maybe tell us more on what you want to get.

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