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Thread: DIY Recording FAQ

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    from uk not been to uk.


    i am from the uk and went to work in japan then came here.

    i was trained by some of the best sound engineres in the world but that does not mean i am now one of them. i was just awarded 3rd best in sing and 18th in asia, but thats all bull! i know people who where not on the list for asia who i rate well above me and the number 2 for singapore is a fool. NO NAMES so please dont ask me who. (cos we dont want to upset james from soft - hi james)

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    hahah i see... do you have any samples of your work?
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    yeah but................

    i do but then you will know who i have worked with. i will look for some of the ones you wont know.

    do you want bands of electronic? or both i guess.


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    i'm curious myself to hear your work, otpp. we can all learn alot from listening to someone more experienced and qualified such as yourself! do put something up for us, anything at all =)

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    i will prob put it on myspace unless some one tells me how to do it here. i did not even knoe you could add music on soft.

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    i mean you can put it anywhere then link it to us here, myspace would be fine!

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    otpp : "but then you will know who i have worked with. i will look for some of the ones you wont know." errr whats with the anonymity? i don't really care if you recorded president or LKY really. in audio, it's "audio". no celebrity treatment.

    i'm more interested in the bands ones, cos it's more on "recording". and "mixing".
    [Check out the stuff I put up for sale starting from Free/$1 !]
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    seriously... to record a bands/music.... i always believe in capturing the feel of the songs rather then going into too technical stuff. well.... if the song got no life, your music is a failure... if the songs got no souls... the music is a failure....

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    its getting the best of both...............

    you MUST get the feel of the song 250% right but then after that you also have to use the right effects.

    FX are not to make it sound 'better' just keep it right to full volume, make any changes the band (my bosses for that bay) want and just to tidy it up.

    all the best FX in the world cant help you if you have a bad recording or if you just use them wrong. the worst thing you can do with FX (for bands any way) is use too much FX. keeping the natural sound of the amp from mic is vital. the player put his sound that way for a reason!

    and blueprint, i am recording a singapore band called 'the pinholes' this sunday (13/1/2007) so that cd will be all ocer in a few weeks. do you know them?

    i have worked with famous and not famous people but like you say, who cares! i do it for the music. i worked in a bar doing live sound for a year just because i liked the way the bar was run. the bar (in singapore) was just a place where any band could just go and play no matter who they where. alot of you may of been in to gigs there.

    any one know who i am yet???
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    FX??? well. for bands, i seriously keep FX at a minimum. always get the raw sound right before going into mixing. FX is for me to feel the gap of the songs. for mixing, i only have 4 must use plugs.... compressor/limiter, reverb, delay and autotune(sometimes).

    I'm not a professional so maybe some can define professional recording and studio to me. ask this many time but nobody reply. is siting behind a SSL/Large consoles make you a professional or having the craft to work on any equipment(maybe just few preamps, DA, Mics and a good software) as long as it's decent enough to make it work?

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