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Thread: DIY Recording FAQ

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    avidaxis : hi sorry for the late reply , i'm getting married tomorrow, been really busy haha.

    to first assure you, your PC is fast enough as long as it's a pentium 4.
    HOWEVER , there's 2 kinds of recording we're talking about in this situation

    Live :
    All instruments > mic/line in > mixer > PC's soundcard (earphone jack input). = voxbassguitardrums.wav (stereo)

    Multitracked :
    All instruments > mic/line in > mixer (YOUR MIXER MUST HAVE INDIVIDUAL DIRECT OUTPUTS LIKE ALESIS STUDIO32 FOR EXAMPLE) > into a multitrack recording soundcard > PC
    which is not cost efficient because you're only using the Mixer's Preamp (read 1st Post)

    so yes thats why I recommended the Presonus FP10 on my FAQ cos it's a "preamp + multitrack soundcard/midi" all in one. cheaper, smaller/space saving. comes with cubase etc also. so don't worry about using audacity by then.

    in your current situation you can only use from Mixer > audio cable (most likely from the headphone outputs) > adapter 1/4 to 1/8 STEREO TRS!! > your 16bit soundcard.

    so basically thats what bernardgoh is asking

    on what Otpp said, yes there will be drum miking spill / "mic bleed" , hihat.wav has snare sounds, snare.wav has hihat sounds. toms.wav have hihat and ride sounds. depends how you look at it, it's called "real life/feel" , good bleed or bad bleed, depends how you mix your music. for example, I sometimes bleed the tom mics aiming slightly to the snare on purpose. why? I mike the snare aiming center to pick up the attack, but the impact resonates the toms also, and it makes the snare sound more fuller (Make sure the toms are in tune though). i even hear other local studios mike up the drums and have about 6 snares surrounding the drums and mike up the surrounding snares. or put another kickdrum infront of your active kick drum. it's endless, it's crazy , but if it works and it sounds good. go for it.

    Scorpion : haha thank you for flattering man. btw who are you? basically sharing knowledge and the passion, the art of immortalizing sound.cos unlike photos and videos of ourselves. we age, we start to look like crap as we get old. but the way you musicians play music, we sound better as we age. guitarists play better, drummers have more control and technique, and vocals mature from kiddy teenage voice to that charming male/female vocal.
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    hey.. sorry to hijack.. but could i know wat would the setup be like if i had 2guitars, 1 bass guitar, 2guitar amps, 1 bass amp, some mics and a mixer?? do i plug the amps into the mixer or wat?? im confused, pls enlighten.. thanks lots..
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    Depends On Loads Of Things.......

    you have to get the mics into the mixer if you want them to record of play out of a pa system.

    you can 'mic up' the guitars or 'DI' (direct input). start with low gain on the mixer and low volume on the pa first so you don't blow any thing up.

    gain is the input level before it gets to the volume fader, almost like a second volume. you need the input level to be at about -2 or -3 for each instrument then use the main volume to mix it.

    what mixer do you have? make and model?

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    What do you want to do? Record them onto a computer?

    You could plug all the mics into the mixer and feed the mixer output into the computer. This will give you to play a live mix of all the guitars and bass together and record on to a stereo track. Trouble is you wont be able turn the bass up or the guitars down once it is recorded.

    You could record each instrument one at a time so you get separate tracks in the computer. You only need one mic to do this.

    You could record one bass and one guitar at the same time. If your mixer has pan controls then you could pan the bass hard left and a guitar hard right. You could then overdub the second guitar. If your mixer has an inbuilt reverb or fx make sure you turn it of otherwise it might effect the separation of the left and right sides.

    If your soundcard has more than 2 inputs you can record everything to separate tracks at the same time. How you do this will depend on what features your mixer has....

    1.) If you mixer has a pre-fader auxillary bus (have a look in the mixers manual) you can turn the aux knob up on one channel and the fader down. This will send the mic plugged into that channel out the aux out and not out the main output. This will let you get three seperate channels into your sound card (Main out - Left, Main Out - Right, and Aux Out).

    2.) If your mixer has inserts on the mic channels you can use these to get another output. Insert a cable half way into the insert socket and connect it to you sound card. The signal coming out of an insert wont be effected by the channels eq or fader though.

    3.) If your mixer has a sub-mix you can get two more channels here as well. Some mixers have a button for each channel that lets you select between a main mix out and a sub-mix output. Once again you can pan these hard left and hard right to get a total of four outputs.

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    oh ok.. i see.. thanks for ur info.. im plannin to record onto computer in the near future.. and anyway wat abt speakers?? do i need a speaker or anything like tat??
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    look at your private mail

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    ya i know u pm-ed me.. i was referring to widdly.. anyway pls reply my pm thanks bro..
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    You should be able to get by with just headphones or multimedia speakers plugged into your soundcard. Once you finish mixing a recording make sure you play it on a few different stereos to check that it sounds OK. Often people have trouble getting the bass frequencies mixed at sensible levels, especially if you mix with headphones. So do a mix, burn it on CD, play it in the lounge, in the car etc. then go back and adjust your mix if there are any problems.

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    rock on...

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