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Thread: Drumming In HDB how to deal with "noise"

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    erm.. if i am not wrong is put the thing without the pillow case into the snare. only bass drum need to put the thing in pillow case

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    i live in woodlands, i play drums at home. i am lucky that no one complain. i own a premier olympic. i was playing kinda not loud. one advise. put our kit inside the air-con room. and, you ust turn on while you play. most of your sound will be trap inside your air-con room. so outside, ppl cant really hear much. i was lucky that my neighbours enjoy my drumming. haha, keep on rocking guys!

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    perhaps one way to reach a compromise with your neighbours is dropping a letter in their mailboxes to give them your phone number and asking them to drop you a call if it is inconveniencing them that you can always stop drumming. That way it can be more peaceful without having to get into arguments and fights with them.

    But of course one must try to mute and muffle heir drums as much as possible.

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    thank you! sometimes people are very fussy. when they know that maybe you can be bullied then just little noise then they will say that is very loud and all.... hahaha.. you'll never know.. this is what i experienced.

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    Re: Drumming In HDB how to deal with "noise"

    Hi guys. I'm getting my 4 room BTO flat keys soon. Was thinking to do some renovation on 1 of my room for soundproofing for drum. Any recommended contractors to do up my room? thank you.

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