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Thread: Drumming In HDB how to deal with "noise"

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    Drumming In HDB how to deal with "noise"

    Ok so i've been drumming for a while everyday my neighbours complain now i cant drum haha. And Police came blah blah got a letter from HDB regarding the drumming. Well i'm into blast beats so maybe they get pissed of with that.

    But i'll like to hear from our felloow sofites what can be done about it? Or how u guys drum? Whatever you gotta say hehe.

    I'm sure we softies got some way of drumming at HDB cause the poll said most ppl drum in hdb hehe. Soooo come foward!!
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    If I'm right, There is a certain time that HDB dwellers can 9am to 11pm (you have to check this again on the Timming). I usually will drum not before 10am (as some neighbours will be sleeping)....and I usually stop drumming at 10pm at most.

    HDB Officer will come whenever there is complain, so will the Police. Just tell them the above is the time you will drum not before and after those time.

    I mean comon - - - - Music is Music, the Government encourages it - a form of Art. Don't tell me Drumming is not a Musical Instrument meh, only Guitar, Paino, Violin, Organ whatever.....Just that a Drum is louder that's all and many cannot take it, but we have our rights also.

    Having said that - We also try to compromise with neighbours eg Now that in Oct & Nov - it's usually Examination Period, so we play shorter hours, try to control not to play so loud if least we have done our part here to be considerate...

    Remember: - If the Police or HDB Officer come knocking at your door saying "I heard neighbours here are complaining that you are making alot of NOISE"...Tell them this " For People Who KNows How To Appreciate It - They Call It Music, Those That Don't Call it NOISE"......Hahahahaha ! My Dad taught me this actually....because when I was young my neighbours complain alot.

    Today once in a while I still see policeman looking inside my home (I believe someone complain about me) - I will just stop drumming walk out and asked "What's The Problem Officer, Something Wrong ?" - they will always say "Nothing - NIce Kit"...hahaha

    Cheers...Happy Drumming.
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    I use silent skins on my toms and snares, and put mufflers on cymbals hi hats and bass drum. Perhaps you could try that, it might help, although truth be told, it does change the feel of the drums somewhat. The ideal alternative is to get a good electronic drumkit (although its expensive), then u can drum to your hearts content .

    Another issue that could be leading to complaints is, are you drumming at weird hours such as up to late in the night or early in the morning? I normally restrict my practise hours from 10am to 8 pm. I believe if you keep within the suitable hours, I dun think anyone has a right to stop you from playing even if they go to the police...

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    You got to be fair. Would you like it if someone sing karaoke that iritates you? To them, it is music.

    Must learn to live in harmony with each other.

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    hi there,

    i stay in private apartment but my neighbour complain even when i practice on dtxpress electronic kit.

    i've past the stage of arguing or fighting with neighbour.

    when i'm at home, i use practice pad. i guess it works for me cause i teach and play almost 7 days a week. so need for practice at home not as crucial.

    maybe u can try to practice softly, and practice more of the coordination aspect.

    then set aside maybe 2 days a week, go down studio and just BLAST! :mrgreen:

    back then, when i was still learning, i also didn't have a drumset ( i only got a electronic drumset when i am 25 years old)

    the mental aspect is very important.

    if you're focused it doesn't matter as much what you're practicing on, be it practice pad or real drumset.

    i personally believe in this story: there are two groups of basketball players - one group practiced shooting for 2 hours, and the other group practiced shooting for one hour, but sat down and visualise shooting the ball in for the other hour. the 2nd group apparently shot better than the first group.

    on the same subject, isiah thomas once said he and jordan excelled because they had a strong mental approach to the game.

    i apply the same mental approach to my drumming.

    i realised over time that i have subconciously developing muscle twitches when i listen to songs to get the 'feel' and timing.

    when i feel like it, i will move more. this doesn't apply to just the 4 limbs, although many of the motions are from there.

    for example, i can sit on the spot in the office, or anywhere, and practice ostinatos on my feet, simply by twitching my feet using the muscles connected to my toes.

    it doesn't even make a sound, but i am getting exercise out of my neurons, and thus muscle memory.

    one thing i guess, this requires a lot of DISCIPLINE! which is what drumming is a large part of anyway.

    i guess i rambled very long, but u get the idea! FOCUS and never give up, cos u can take away all the gear out of the drummer, but you can never take the drummer out of the drummer \m/

    that said, do ur best to get to practice at home of course!


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    I have a rhythm traveler in a HDB flat. But all these 5 years, I haven't had anyone complaining except for my sister. My brother is cool though. He never complains or slam the door in my face even when he's studying for his papers. I love the kid, so supporting. Warms my heart.

    Anyways, here's my situation:

    1) I live on the fifth floor, corner flat, and my room is at the corner of the corner flat.

    2) I only drum in the afternoons. I don't even drum past 6pm.

    3) I have a carpet on the floor, a mattress in front of the drum kit so the sound won't be too harsh reflecting back from the walls, my bed, a bean bag, two big pillows -- I guess all those contribute to some sound absorbing factors

    4) I close the door and switch on the aircon while I drum

    5) Sometimes I bash, but most of the time, I try to drum in a moderate volume.

    That's about it. I hope no neighbours would complain else that's the end of it. Boo-hoo!
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    it's just like Food "Ones Man Meat Is Another Man's Poison" - - - Not everyone is a Vegetarian or love to eat Meat - - - - Doesn't mean that If I don't like to eat meat, the other person sitting at my Table is also not allowed to eat meat just because I don't love it - still food ?

    Some people can tolerate Drumming, most don't ( be it they are staying in HDB or Private Housing Estate - still the same ) - - - and we can't say that - if a neighbour comes knocking saying "Hey I don't like to hear you drum - means under law - we have to stop"'s a compromise here correct - but they have to say it nicely...this is where compromising comes into play - from both ends.

    Can I go tell my neighbour "I don't like the way you play the Paino or Flute (cause that's not my cup of Tea) " can you stop since that's noise to me and I don't appreciate flute or I don't know how to ... NO of course - They have their rights long as it's within the stated time.

    PS:- Neighbours can complain anything (cause there are so many different kinds of people around) - - I even have neighbours complaining that I've 500 Orchids at home previously (too much they say) - just because they don't like plants maybe...............HDB Officer came and check (no mosquito around) and they tell me your neighbour complain (cause I knew some of these Officers) my personal friends from the Orchid Society Of South East Asia & N'Park (Botanical Garden Volunteers) - - -that's why the society had Lawyers to protect it's members on Rights.

    How To Please Everyone - Society is such, even any Government cannot please all it's there is Policy & there is Law to govern.

    They say: If there is no Law - You can Do Anything or even If there is a Law - You Can Still Do Anything - Just Be Careful Don't Get Caught.....but If you are doing things within the Law - You Don't Have To Be Afraid - You Have Your Right (If not why instill Law - For Fun Sake? or what ?) No One Is Above The Law - - - - and there is different Law among different Countries even among States in the same country the law is different in the US.

    In Singapore - Singapore Law...why is that wrong? Then there is no arguement - resolve by it?

    In US Law above certain Decibels (not allow even you stay in Private estate)...In Singapore they don't measure it this way - it's From what time to what time.
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    I guess it's quite hard lah. It's like when you practice, sometimes, you get those bummed notes. It doesn't sound very pleasant. Plus, drums aren't melodic instruments.

    Plus, when people are at home, they would like some peace and quiet. Imagine if they can't. Damn pek-chek one.

    If I have an off-day and am chilling at home, then the whole day, got someone bashing on their drums, like wah lau eh!!!

    So, I do understand why people complain. We live as neighbours, in close proximity. So it's good to give and take a bit and come to a consensus. It's cheesy but it's better to work things out and live in harmony. Haha.

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    Absolutely correct KillerBee

    I'm saying all these because - many a times, some neighbours are very rude (They knock on a drummer door and actually tells the drummer off on the face "Hey Can You Stop That for instance" - not knowing the rights .... and they think that they have every right to say that in a rude way - that's not call - Compromising isn't it. (I believe some of you had experience that)

    So, to a Drummer who knows his right - if you ever met a nasty neighbour like that - Tell them straight on the face your right and our local law , and if they want you to compromise to play softer or stop due to certain reasons - say it nicely and politely - then YES of course ... we compromise being neighbours. It's not that you have did something very wrong to be shouted at for no good reasons.

    But imagine - if you know you are not wrong (under Law Code) and that someone is shouting or telling you in a Rude Manner - Then ask ourself - Who is being UNREASONABLE now?.....but if even though you know the law is on your side and that you have the right - But It's ok to compromise and stop - since it's our neighbours PROVIDED they tell you in a nice way - NOw...That's call compromising.....

    But if they tell you - Let's compromise - Can you Not Drum Anymore From Now Onward (as long as they are around) - Would You Say .... YES (and Tha'ts means you're now a good neighbour), and if you do continue to drum on some other days means you are not ?....

    Compromise means - Give & Take - But do you think most neighbours are like that - They would wish you stop drumming forever.....throw away this hobby...dont let them hear the drum sound - That's not call compromising.

    Then how to enjoy this hobby anymore? ... A Painist can have a Paino at home, A guitarists can have a Guitar at home, BUT...a Drummer cannot have a Drum Kit at home and you are at the Mercy Of Thy Neighbours...make sense to you all? Even though you have the right to drum under Law.

    PS: - This is worst case scenario that can happen....It happens to me, My neighbour came to me saying "Do YOu know How Rich I am, another one came saying I'm a Teacher - stop playing the drums "...Na-beh-eh...Hahahahaha I told them - yes you are very rich so - You own 10 Cars, of which one is a 1.8 Million Royce Royce Sports only one in Singapore, a Bentley, A Mercedes Collection Car only 6 in the World and one of them is in The Muzeum in Germany - my close relative dont even talk like these though he own all these ...and you are so blady arrogant.....So what?....I can't stand have to talk to them like this....and I purposely drum even louder...till they come down and talk nicely to me - - - Then I stop...

    Just My Opinion.
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    you mean there is a set time to drum? even when at home??? tell me more.

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