Hey there,

My name is Akmal and i play the guitar. Hahaha, i can play both rhythm and lead guitars. I have been playing for real, for 8 years ++ and seems like it won't end. I have experienced playing live, notably i've played for school events, community events and also gigs at Pink Noize and Aliwal Arts Centre. I have a main band but i really want to explore and play with other musicians. I'm still learning everyday becuz learning never stops and i hope to learn even more from you.

My preferred genre would be anything between Classic rock, PUNK ROCK, pop punk or alternative. No hardcore metalcore stuff or anything like that. I mean i love these genres but i don't really like playing them. Tried, and never did. I'm okay with doing originals cuz i compose my own originals in my main band, but i roll with how u roll.

So drop me a text anytime, if i reply a bit late, i apologise for that cuz i still have school and shit to do. Text me at 92344682. Cheers!