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Thread: Singapore Live Music Survey

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    Singapore Live Music Survey

    Hi Guys! I am in the process of doing some in-depth market research on Singapore Live music venues . These include locals bars/clubs and even restaurants.

    This is with the vision of working on methods on how to improve the venues and live music industry and how to better connect venues with bands and the public. I would imagine this would mean alot to most of you guys on this page.
    As such, PLEASE help me fill out this very quick survey. And more importantly, I would appreciate if you could FORWARD this on to anyone you know living in Singapore to get responses from non-musos as well!
    Remember you are surveying the venues not the bands or any event in particular.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line! Thanks!

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    Re: Singapore Live Music Survey

    Is the problem the venue, or the organizers?

    Venues that organize events, will NEVER pay artists money to perform, seeing that the "exposure" is good enough. Venues that can be booked for events, charge EXTREMELY high prices for an event to be held.

    Sure quality of places can be improved, be it in ambience or quality of equipment, but the most important thing to tackle would be the recognition of local acts. Something is wrong when they have an "originals" night, where the other 6 days of the week are celebrated for cover music, and pub musicians get rightfully paid. It's a system in place to devalue local work, and depress the self-worth of musicians.

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    Re: Singapore Live Music Survey

    Nice survey, luckily the music scene and the venues are on the up... Check out for any events going on as well as a list of possible venues to watch live music at!

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    Re: Singapore Live Music Survey

    Quote Originally Posted by Bas Linders View Post
    very good !

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