Hi, Im looking for students who are interested to learn guitar but holds zero knowledge or little about the guitar.

A little about myself, I've played the guitar for 7 years.

Im a graduate from music and audio technology in SP, i have been playing in Singapore polytechnic Jazz band for 2 years. Currently holding a role as a lead guitarist in my own Chinese band, called the little fellas.


You can check out one of our original song called 让你飞 from my band, all guitars played and arranged by me.


This is my personal soundcloud, ive uploaded some guitar playing of my own, and i have some guitar solos featured in some the songs too.

What can u expect to learn from me?

Basic strumming and basic lead guitar techniques, jazz, pop, rock, blues genres.
I can teach and share my knowledge on basic theory because i believe its a necessary skill to have

I'm still learning and improving myself, because i believe no one will ever reached to a point whom he or she has nothing left to learn, so im offering to teach whatever i know and do the best of my abilities.

Im offering 80 dollars for 4 lessons (20 per lesson for one hour) , and i only can teach on weekends, im fine teaching at the students' house.


If interested, you can call my number 93678643 or you can drop me an email at laukwunchung@gmail.com