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Thread: about drum instructors/schools

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    about drum instructors/schools

    hi guys..if you've read one of my posts I've turned down yamaha's drum class cos of james. and I've looked around for some other classes , don't mind can give me some feedback or opinion about these classes?

    1. tony zee at swee lee.
    I heard he's not bad but his prices are a little steep.worth it or not? school @ bedok pizza hut block
    $100 ++ per month. anyone took lessons there before? how was it?

    3.Lila drums $100 per month / 30 mins per lesson.
    the price is ok , looks attractive. any bad experiences with lila drums?

    Anyone knows of any other good places that teaches drums?
    thanks for your help .

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    Tony zee trains his students to the top few in singapore. People like jimmy lee treats tony with alot of respect because it is tony who Taught jimmy lee. I seriously believe that tony zee is a good teacher and you should go all the way for it.

    As for the other 2 , im not sure about them

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    Hi Viper,
    Mind telling me the details to Tony Zee? I heard quite a few raves abt him in this and another forum, thinking to check him out. Is he at Swee Lee in Bras Basah?

    Coz i'm workin, i need to know his location and rates, so I can dash down for classes when work's done!

    (btw, i'm a beginner as well) ops: would like to get off on a good start.

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    my friend learns somewhere in newton, not bad there's technique

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    Oh really? I'm looking for someone in the Bugis area, which is really going to be convenient for me.

    Who's your friend learning from? What's the rates like now?

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    hey people, I myself treat tony zee with great respect. I never seen him before but, I hear tons and tons of things about him, most believe he is one of the legends locally

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    hi all, i take lessons from tony but stopped. he really brings ppl to a certain understanding for drumming, i stopped becos he gave me the disciplined to be on my own alreayd. really awesome guy. i always phrase him as THE old chap WITH chops. and his into badminton hahahah. performed for dont forget the lyrics and plays outside paragon all the time. although his abit laid back now cos of his age. but he still always improves. his speed is awesome to me. but i feel his coordinations are godly, and i really suggest those that are more keen to playing metal and things dont find him. his more of funk groove jazz. and he doesnt consider himself a double pedal player but he is the first one in singapore to play double bass, he can play doubles but his more on single bass cos his right leg is fast enough, he has a good friend called requilme or something. the only one in singapore if i din get my info wrong that is certified BY TAMA for tunning of drum sets. yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joyc View Post
    Oh really? I'm looking for someone in the Bugis area, which is really going to be convenient for me.

    Who's your friend learning from? What's the rates like now?
    The Music Lab at Middle Road ( ? Alvin Tan, the principal, is probably lurking around here in SOFT somewhere. Personable and friendly guy, I like him. The best thing about him is that he is willing to give back to the community what he has already received. I know he is giving free lessons to the under-priviledged so everyone gets a chance...

    You would be lucky if he teaches you

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    I'm currently learning at My Drum School ( It's around Bugis / Lavender area. You can check out their site for details on pricing and the courses avail

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    hi im filipino playing drums..but im not here to teach, i just want to promote my frend..he is gilbert nogales, he is 2007 singapore drumfest champion, currently he is teaching under Jimmy Lee school..Located at suntech tower2,School of Music, if you really serios in playing drums..try to visit fee im not only sure that he is good..cheers...

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