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Thread: $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

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    $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

    (sorry it's actually $8 haha)

    Hi everyone!

    Was getting very annoyed with trying to find pedalboards and realised that you could make one yourself with cheap materials! I don't have any tools like hammers or drills too so I wanted to find something simple to put together.

    I chanced upon some items and managed to put something together so I thought I'd share it with all of you! So here it is (clearly my pedalboard is incomplete heh)

    Starting Materials

    - ALGOT wooden board from Ikea: $4
    This is 40cm by 18cm and about 1.5cm thick. Supposed to be for drawers (there are small metallic hinges on the side) but it's okay lah. The metal hinges don't really obstruct anything so it's alright.

    - Rubber door bumpers with adhesive backing from any hardware store: around $2 each
    For size reference, you can completely fit a 20 cent coin inside the middle hole. Anyway up to you with regards to the size and height.

    Make sure there is adhesive on the back!


    1. With a pencil, draw out where exactly you want to place the rubber bumpers. Make sure they're of the same distance from the top and side edges of the board so that the board won't sit unevenly. I made use of the hinges to draw half a square.

    2. Remove the adhesive from the door bumpers and stick it such that the edges of the bumper just touch the lines you drew.

    3. After that, well... we all know what happens after that.

    Total Cost of Pedalboard
    - ALGOT from Ikea: $4
    - 2x rubber door bumpers from hardware store: 2 x $1.90
    Total: $7.80

    As for the bag, you can find an old laptop bag or a sufficiently large laptop sleeve, or any bag that works!

    Hope this is helpful to those of you not wanting to blow $60++ on even a PT Nano.


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    Re: $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

    Nice one thanks for sharing.

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    Re: $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

    as simple as it gets- 2 planks + velcro = all for <$10...

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    Re: $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

    Paint it, reinforce it, do whatever you want with it, it's yours. Bang for buck.
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    Re: $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

    thumbs up for being creative and resourceful

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    Re: $15 DIY Ikea Pedalboard!

    Someone on Talkbass did it with an old skateboard. Tighten the wheels to prevent stage accidents...

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