Hello! I'm an aspiring musical theatre actress but my admissions to my overseas school has not been confirmed yet. In the mean time, before I start school, I would like to be able to form a band with guitarists and drummers to record some covers and probably even do some originals if we can... looking further, we can also look to performing gigs.

I'm a female vocalist, and I'm looking for guitarists and a drummer (optional). Best if we can get a pianist as well.

Attached below is a sample of my singing on soundcloud, feel free to check out my account!:
(1) http://m.soundcloud.com/deirdrekhxx/...a-cover-by-dei
(2) http://m.soundcloud.com/deirdrekhxx/...d-cover-by-dei

Email me @ deirdrekhxx@gmail.com if you're interested!!