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Thread: Casual acoustic jamming

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    Casual acoustic jamming

    Hi, looking for more people to jam with. Hopefully people in their 20s?
    Just casual acoustic jamming. I only sing English songs, mainly top 40s.
    I like to listen to acoustic covers by yotube artists and my favourite artists are Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Mcfly,John Mayer.

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    Re: Casual acoustic jamming

    Hi Olivia,

    I'm a big fan of John mayer and familiar with many various genres of the English rock, pop and indie scene.

    I'm interested to form a casual acoustic duo, or trio.

    Hope to hear from you. Cheers.

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    Re: Casual acoustic jamming


    Contact me if you need an acoustic bassist.



    Chin Yuen

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    Re: Casual acoustic jamming

    Hiim interested....
    Do hit me up at

    Look me up at foosiongmusic on youtube.

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    Re: Casual acoustic jamming

    Hi there,

    I've always been wanting to do something like that, so link me up if you're interested! I play the acoustic guitar and probably just sing a little. Casual acoustic sessions are gonna be a lot of fun!


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    Re: Casual acoustic jamming

    hi, casual beginner bassists (plays at home) here who knows simple riffs and a 3 months old uker too.
    always liked the combo of acoustics and bass combo, best example that pops into my head now would be
    also an enthusiast of youtube artistes; walk off the earth, daniela andrade and more. Basically, we could do renditions of covers with what we have (shaker, simple keyboard melodies, xylophone etc.)
    we can jam in studios or if you have other suggestions i am open.

    give a shout or pop a text or wapps at 9649 4394
    thanks for reading.

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